Eco Balloons

Our Mission

Eco Balloons are committed to the responsible use and disposal of balloons without compromising the environment. Balloons are much loved across the world. No matter the occasion, there’s a balloon to match. Please help us to promote the continued fun and responsible use of balloons. Follow our advice and guideline below to enjoy balloons in an eco-friendly way!

A Natural Product

Our biodegradable balloons are made from high quality natural latex. Latex is harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the tree. Each tree (and there are billions) consumes CO2, thus reducing global warming. When latex is processed, each part of the product is used. After the tree no longer produces latex, it is harvested and its wood is turned into lumber. Each year mature trees are tapped, old trees are harvested, new trees are planted, and CO2 is consumed.

Balloon Disposal

We hope you enjoy your balloon purchase. Remember, when you have finished with a balloon, simply snip the end of the balloon with scissors before placing in a suitable bin. Latex balloons do breakdown BUT if they become litter they don’t degrade sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent possible risk or harm to wildlife.

Re-use, Repurpose & Recycle

There are many ways that you can reuse balloons and even if you can’t personally find another use for them, there will be somebody that will! We endeavour to re-use, repurpose and recycle as many of our products to ensure we maintain as little waste as possible.

Balloon Releases

We have a strict policy to NEVER provide balloons for any events that intend to release them into the environment. Once balloons are out of sight, they don’t disappear – what goes up must come down! Although latex is biodegradable, we’re very aware of the impact that balloons can have if they are released into the environment and ingested by our wildlife.

Air or Helium

Eco Balloons aim to use air to fill balloons where possible and we will offer various design options to facilitate this. However, when helium balloons are required for floating bouquets and numbers, we use Grade 4 helium also called “Balloon Gas”. Only the Grade 6, which is the purest form, is used in science and medicine therefore the helium used by the party industry does not affect the future of the science and medicine.

Removal Tips

We can help you to be environmentally responsible by offering the removal of your installation. If you wish to remove your installation yourself, pop each balloon, and dispose of the small pile of rubbish appropriately.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are made from a material called Mylar and unfortunately a foil balloon is not biodegradable. Therefore, we recommend limited or no foil balloons in your installations. We will reuse foil balloons where possible as they can be re-inflated. Avoid having helium balloons in the open as you run the risk of them getting loose and escaping.

We assess the environmental impacts of our operations regularly and set objectives and targets in order to improve our environmental performance. We will regularly review these targets and look at ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

Please follow these safe balloon practises to help promote the continued fun and responsible use of balloons!


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Eco Balloons promotes the responsible
use and disposal of balloons.